Wilderness within reach.

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Introducing no-hassle RV site-booking!

Welcome to CurbNTurf.

CurbNTurf is a community-based online platform for listing and reserving RV access to private land. CurbNTurf connects hosts/landowners with RV travelers looking for unique, interesting, and convenient sites to park their RVs.

Whether it’s “turf” for destination sites (serene coastal views, mountainside grandeur, vineyards and wineries, farm and ranch land) or “curb” for convenience (driveways, city lots, urban curbsides, downtown parking space), the diversity of options and out-of-the-box-thinking are what make CurbNTurf special and appealing to today’s adventure-seeking RV traveler.

Given the trending popularity of RV travel, finding a campground or even a place to park can be a challenge. That’s where CurbNTurf comes in. We take the worry out of finding a place to park your rig.

CurbNTurf opens up a whole new world of options.

Planning your RV trip just got easier.

We connect you to people who want to rent out their property to RV travelers-from country fields to downtown driveways and everything in between. (It’s like Airbnb for RVers.) Whether you’re looking for an adventure, accommodations, or both‐or simply somewhere to park en route to your destination, CurbNTurf helps you get there.

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We have the tools to get you there.

Escape with us.

Find it. CurbNTurf delivers more technology tools with advanced features.

High-powered pre-scouting that delivers accurate information.

Full search capabilities.

Direct communication between host and guest.

GPS coordinates and turn-by-turn driving directions.

Experience it. CurbNTurf takes you where you want to go.

The tried-and-true, the traditional, the familiar.

The unusual, the unexpected, the unconventional.

If you can imagine it, we’ll help you find it.

Share it. CurbNTurf is all about community.

Advanced rating system.

Ambassador programs to help promote the mission of CurbNTurf and offer enhanced experiences to guests.


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The new American vacation!


Own land? Earn money.

List your property as a way to accommodate the onslaught of RVers as they seek new adventures. If you have extra land, interesting property, something unique to offer RV travelers, or even your driveway/curbside spots then CurbNTurf can make you money.

Most RVers are just looking for an uncrowded place to park where they can relax and enjoy a new experience. What do you have to offer? CurbNTurf has over 700 listings and we need more.

Who doesn’t want a supplemental income without the hassle? Start today hosting RVers and earning money.

Find the perfect spot right from your digital device.

The road less traveled.

Our comprehensive search capabilities do the pre-scouting for you. We make sure the listings you choose from can handle all your requirements, from the size and type of your RV, to must-have amenities, to nearby attractions and activities. Your searches can be as detailed as you’d like.

Tell us your rig type and size. We find sites that can handle it.

Need Wi-Fi? Cell coverage? We find sites that fit your connectivity requirements.

Want privacy and seclusion? Adventures and activities? Our listings turn up the criteria you request.

Get away without getting lost! We provide GPS waypoint coordinates that guide you to your site with turn-by-turn directions. For added peace of mind, you can connect to your host through a private message channel.

Go where you want to go. From farmland to forest, seascape to cityscape, vacant lot to vast desert sky, riverfront property to suburban curbside—the diversity of options is what makes CurbNTurf special. Mix it up!

Do what you want to do. Everyone’s idea of the perfect adventure is different. What’s yours? We’ll help you find it.

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Driven by adventure.

It’s bad manners to keep a vacation waiting.

RV travel is back—in a big and bold new way. Suffice it to say, this is not your grandma’s road-trip. Today’s RVers include adventure-seeking millennials who are tech-driven, tech-savvy, and always on the lookout for unique, authentic, and customizable experiences.

While upwards of half a million new RVs are being sold every year, only about 18,000 public and privately owned RV campgrounds exist nationwide. Finding desirable places for RVers to park is a real and growing problem. Not only have campground fees skyrocketed, so have overcrowding and noise issues. This is not the type of RV experience today’s adventure seekers are yearning for.

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Only five spots available.


Earn easy extra income.

Be one of the first five to list a property in your area and get free expert help showcasing your property on the CurbNTurf website.

Set your site up and follow the information given in the email to qualify for this awesome promotion. We’re always looking for new sites.

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What is boondocking?

We offer boondocking locations!

CurbNTurf uses the term "boondocking” to refer to free camping regardless of location. However, there are multiple terms/definitions for boondocking.

Some describe boondocking as camping without hookups because you aren’t connected to any services it’s also called dry camping. Some government agencies refer to this as dispersed camping.

CurbNTurf allows anyone to list boondocking sites. Please list the boondocking sites that you love and enjoy. These properties could be BLM, forest service, public, or private land.

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