Help others make
their way outside.

Calling all farmers, ranchers, homesteaders, wineries, agribusinesses, or anyone who has land.

Details on how it works.

RV owners struggle to find locations for their vacations. This problem is your opportunity. Turn your land and curbs into new destination sites and make both money and friends as you become a problem solver in the RV industry.

CurbNTurf doesn’t have any fees associated with the hosts. We’re commissioned based so if you make money then we make money. We’re in this together. RVers, now more than ever are looking for places to stay. There are very limited spots for RVers to go. That is why we need you as a landowner to help solve this problem while putting money into your pocket.

The RV industry is flooded with those that love to travel from baby boomers to millennials. Many of these travelers want to have unique experiences and some just want a place where they can stay for the night. We list all types of properties: farmland, forest, riverfront, driveway, even city curbsides.

Sign-up is quick and simple.  You can have your property listed on our site within a matter of minutes.  Follow our step-by-step process to get you on your way to make money. If you own property and you’d like to make money then sign-up with us now.

Numbers don’t lie.

Here are the facts.

Outdoor recreation is a $750 billion industry. Outdoor recreation is usually a healthy industry. The agriculture industry has been one of the hardest-hit industries from the recent pandemic. It’s really important to diversify the ways you earn income. Everyone is looking to have a vacation from their long stay-cations with the recent events that are happening around us.

More than 600 million vacation days go unused in the U.S. Let’s give people a reason to leave and experience things in nature and hit the reset button.

More than 8.9 million households own an RV and more than 79 million people consider themselves campers. There’s no denying there are a lot of RVers and campers but we need more diversified properties for people to venture out and explore.

Only five spots available.*

Earn easy extra income.

Be one of the first five* to list a property in your area and get free expert help showcasing your property on the CurbNTurf website. This includes professional photos and a professionally produced video tour of your property and a step-by-step guided set-up by a CurbNTurf customer experience representative.

Set your site up and follow the information given in the email to qualify for this awesome promotion. We’re always looking for new sites.

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*The First Five promotion is valued up to $4,000, is subject to availability and no cash alternative is available.

Try being a caretaker with us.

Earn money with boondocking.

CurbNTurf has well over 700 boondocking sites throughout the United States where RVers can stay on for free. Most of the of the boondocking listings are in need of “caretakers”. We have several listings that need additional information. By becoming the caretaker you provide pictures of the listing, update listing information, and ensure information is current and accurate.

What are benefits of being the caretaker? You can get 50% of any future donations and you are helping future boondockers.

Try being an RSP�representative with us.

We are looking for representatives.

We’re looking for individuals that will help us get more hosts. Hosting will be a great opportunity for a lot of people to earn money. We’ll pay you for anyone that lists their property with us. We have different tier levels to help you earn money. Help us build relationships with other hosts. The program is called the Relative Sales Program, and we hope you can be a part of it.

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The new American vacation!

Own land? Earn money.

List your property as a way to accommodate the onslaught of RVers as they seek new adventures. If you have extra land, interesting property, something unique to offer RV travelers, or even your driveway/curbside spots then CurbNTurf can make you money.

Most RVers are just looking for an uncrowded place to park where they can relax and enjoy a new experience. What do you have to offer? CurbNTurf has over 700 listings and we need more.

Who doesn’t want a supplemental income without the hassle? Start today hosting RVers and earning money.