Share your land.
Earn money.

CurbNTurf is somewhat like Airbnb or other vacation rentals sites —but for RVers.

Here’s how it works.

As a host, you post your listing on the CurbNTurf site. CurbNTurf lists and promotes your property as an opportunity for guests —RV travelers— to reserve your property. Guests search CurbNTurf using desired search features to plan their trip and pay for their stay.

CurbNTurf provides payment processing, payment security, identity verification of all parties, supplemental stay insurance, and a dedicated communication channel between parties. Once your listing is live, qualified guests can reach out to you and get more details about your property, offerings, and amenities. In return, you can ask questions of your own before confirming the booking. You have the final say in approving any bookings.

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No sign-up fees and add as many listings as you’d like for free!

Host benefits.

List your property for free. We welcome any type of property. (When we say ANY, we mean it.) Farmland, forest (wooded), riverfront, driveway, and curbside.  The diversity of options is what makes CurbNTurf special and appealing.  We bet your land has something unique to offer the RV community—in all their diversity.

Share any type of land with no sign-up charges. We charge a flat fee to the guest: the greater of a $5 fee or a 15% surcharge for services rendered.

Get paid quickly. Once your guest checks out, your money becomes available to you.  CurbNTurf receives the funds when the reservations are made, then funds are released when your guest’s stay is over.  You choose where your money is sent.

Here are examples of what your listings could potentially look like.

Where does your property fit?

Everyone has unique property which will give RVers unique choices and experiences. So where does your property fit in? We give you some guidance that you can use when pricing your listings. However, please keep in mind that you can always edit your listings so you can maximize how much you’re earning from future CurbNTurfers. As you gain experience you’ll learn to adjust pricing based on the feedback from guests so you can quickly adapt to your market.

Low-end listings:

These listings will give guests minimal amenities and they’re usually not destination locations. They’re still important to RVers for a night stay or more.


No hookups (No access to water and electricity)

Convenient night stay

Less than $35 per night

Mid-range listings:

These listings will usually offer partial hookups, be near destination locations, or they’re quick getaways for the weekend RVers.

Partial hookups (Typically water and electricity)

Near destination locations

Onsite activities

$35 - $65 per night

High-end listings:

These listings will usually provide full hookups and can be considered destination locations to RVers.

Usually full hookups (water, electricity, and sewage)

Destination locations

Include exclusive activities or amenities.

More than $65 per night

How much can you earn?

Diversify your income with us. How much you earn with CurbNTurf may be determined by a number of factors like the location, the type of activities or amenities that are offered, and the nightly price. However, we are a team. CurbNTurf will only make money if you’re making money. So we’ll do what we can to make sure that your listings are being successful. To get an idea of the potential annual earnings you can make by listing your property through us try our estimator.

Potential Earnings Estimator

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

How to get started.


Sign-up free as a host by going through our listing setup. Answer short questions about you as the host.


In the next steps, we ask a few questions about our property. Your selections will act as filters for guests so they can match themselves to you based on the site description, amenities available, on-site activities, road conditions, etc.


We walk you through the types of recreational vehicles you’d like on your property, maximum people allowed, set your cancellation policy, your price, how bookings and check-ins are handled, and set your site rules and policies.


We dive deeper into your site information by providing the location (Location isn’t shared until a reservation has been confirmed by the host), name, and description of your site. Finally, provide site pictures so guests have an idea of what the property looks like.

It’s that easy! We handle keeping the transactions secure, so you can sit back and watch the money come to your account. We try to make it as easy as possible to list your site with us. If you ever do have questions feel free to contact us.

Only five spots available.*

Earn easy extra income.

Be one of the first five* to list a property in your area and get free expert help showcasing your property on the CurbNTurf website. This includes a professional photos and professionally produced video tour of your property and a step-by-step guided set-up by a CurbNTurf customer experience representative.

Set your site up and follow the information given in the email to qualify for this awesome promotion. We’re always looking for new sites.

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*The First Five promotion is valued up to $4,000, is subject to availability and no cash alternative is available.

What is boondocking?

Be part of the solution.

CurbNTurf uses the term “boondocking” to refer to free camping regardless of location. However, there are multiple terms/definitions for boondocking.

Some describe boondocking as camping without hookups. Because you aren’t connected to any services it’s also called dry camping. Some government agencies refer to this as dispersed camping.

CurbNTurf allows anyone to list boondocking sites. Please list the boondocking sites that you love and enjoy. These properties could be BLM, forest service, public, or private land.

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We’re developing an app.

Providing you with the tools.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to make money without the hassle. We’re developing an app to make sure that you can handle your reservations from start to finish, create and edit your listings, and check your financial transactions. Let us know of any of the features that you’d like to have on the app. If we don’t have it listed, feel free to fill out the form below.

Future features.

Create and edit your listings.

Blackout dates

Chat with guests.

Reservation calendar

View up-to-date guest ratings

View financial transactions.

Tell us the features you’d like...