Travel has never been this easy.

CurbNTurf opens up a whole new world of options. There are no subscription or sign up fees to use our service.

Doing what we do best.

We understand the frustrations that can come with owning an RV. There’s a lot of work that goes into driving and maintaining your RV. We want to make the best use of your investment. We are bringing RV travel to the present day.

How are we different compared to other services? CurbNTurf doesn’t charge subscription, membership, or sign up fees. Our private listings are growing daily to offer you the experience you want. We take the guess work out of what will be available at each site saving you time and giving you peace of mind. Not to mention, we have hundreds of diverse boondocking sites you’ll be able to access for free that allow RVs.

Everything is done through CurbNTurf, we don’t require third-party websites to process payments, require you to do extra work to book a site, and you’ll know if sites have current blackout dates. We don’t guilt you to purchase goods from hosts to allow you to stay on their property for “free.” Our listing prices are listed clearly to help you determine what’s in your price range.

How does it work? Search the listings in the area or adventure you want. You can book your stay last minute or months in advance. Select the dates, options, review and accept rules, provide RV specs, and make your reservation. We pay you for your review after your stay. We want accurate information and we’re not asking you to provide it for free.

Sign up. To get started on all the features and benefits that CurbNTurf has to offer just sign up. We just need a few things from you so you can enjoy unique experiences, convenient and safe parking when you need it and affordable options within your price range. There are no subscription or sign-up fees.

Giving you a customized experience for your RV travels.

We do the scouting for you.

RVs are getting bigger every year, but we make it easier to find sites that are appropriate for your rig. Stop wondering if your rig will fit a site, or whether your rig can drive the roads to your reservation. CurbNTurf removes those worries and more. CurbNTurf lets you customize ”your garage“ from our website.

Searches can be as specific as you’d like them to be. Filter your searches to include the amenities and activities you want. Hosts will make sure the amenities and attractions are listed to provide accurate information based on your criteria.

The power is in your hands instead of an historical travel guide; we strive to give you the most current information available. Guests leave reviews, updated photos, and comments. This includes up to date information for carrier-specific cell phone coverage and actual WiFi speeds by the Mbps up/down- not generalities. Know the road conditions to your site so you’ll be prepared for asphalt, gravel, or extreme off-roading. They’ll be plenty of surprises on your adventures just not the ones you’ll dread. Listings get updated daily to make sure that we are providing you with the information you care about.

Create and customize your garage to pre-filter listings.
Search listings by filtering for your preference.
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Class b
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Giving you all the options.

The problem solver.

As an RVer, you know the frustrations that exist when trying to find a place to stay. Private RV parks can be overcrowded or even turn you away for having an RV that’s 10 years old. The noises of an overcrowded park. Will your RV fit? Do they have a dump station? Sometimes when it’s all said and done you need a vacation from your vacation. We understand the plight that RVers have to go through to enjoy their travels. We’re here to help by giving you options and information so you don’t have to worry. We want you to enjoy your time on the road.

RV ownership is experiencing a resurgence. RV travel is back in a big way and growing in popularity across diverse subsets of the population. Upwards of half a million new RVs are sold every year so overcrowding will only get worse and there aren’t many parks or campsites being developed. Not to mention, because of the recent pandemic it’s going to change how people vacation and travel. People are going to want to have more space and control their environment. We offer tons of listings that will give you exactly what you’re looking for.

Our comprehensive search capabilities do the pre-scouting for you. The listings you search for are filtered by your specific requirements: from the listing price, the size and type of your RV to must-have amenities, to nearby attractions and activities. Your searches can be as simple or as detailed as you’d like.

Sign up for free. To get started on all the features and benefits that CurbNTurf has to offer just sign up. We just need a few things from you so you can enjoy unique experiences, convenient and safe parking when you need it and affordable options within your price range.

Try being a caretaker with us.

Earn money with boondocking.

CurbNTurf has well over 700 boondocking sites throughout the United States where RVers can stay on for free. Most of the boondocking listings are in need of “caretakers”. We have several listings that need additional information. By becoming the caretaker you provide pictures of the listing, update listing information, and ensure information is current and accurate.

What are the benefits of being the caretaker? You can get 50% of any future donations and you are helping future boondockers.

We've developed an app.

Providing you with the tools.

We've developed an app that'll give RVers the tools to make it easier for their next adventure. Our goal is to give you peace of mind as you travel. Wouldn't it be nice to have one tool that does everything instead of having several tools that do one thing? We've developed the tool to make life easier for RVers. We're frequently updating the app so let us know of any of the features that you'd like to have on the app. If we don't have it listed, feel free to fill out the form below.

For RV travelers:

Book stays and experiences with our private listings through our hosts

Search for last minute stays or longer stays with nearly a thousand sites CurbNTurf has to offer.

Turn by turn directions.

Comprehensive information of listing details (amenities, activities, dump stations, etc.).

Save your favorite stay, sanidump locations, activities, and rest-stops.

Full search capabilities and extensive filtering options.

GPS coordinates and turn-by-turn driving directions.

Create and edit “my garage” feature. (Search capabilities based on your rig size, essential amenities, etc.)

For hosts:

Make money by sharing your extra space with RVers.

Update your listing and calendar availability.

Provide unique experiences for travelers and get to know fantastic RVers.

Earn extra money by providing travelers with unique custom a la carte options.

Message guests and manage their reservations.

Tell us the features you’d like...