Thomasville River Access

Thomasville, MO
Teddy R.
Teddy R.

Thomasville River Access, situated in Oregon County, provides the first opportunity for accessing the Eleven Point National Scenic River. State Highway 99 bridge is the put in point for river access. It provides an amazing float trip down the river from Thomasville to either Cane Bluff (9.3 miles) or the Greer Access (16.6 miles). This section of river can usually be floated March through June. Motorized boats are not recommended. While floating you will be able to view nature at her best. Beautiful flowers, tall shady trees, and graceful wildlife. The water flows clear and unpolluted from more than 30 major springs that feed it constantly and produce year round paddling conditions. There are some spots that will require walking and/ or portages as the river is not deep in some places, particularly in drought season. The rapids on the river are generally classified as Class I-II. There is a generous variety of fish in the river also, everything from crayfish to large mouth bass. You will need to check state regulations for fishing due to certain fishing limitations.


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