Little Lick Campground

Somerset, KY
Teddy R.
Teddy R.

Little Lick Campground on London Ranger District is a favorite destination for campers who also enjoy horseback riding on Little Lick Trail #502 and Nathan McClure Trail #530. The campground is located on a long ridgetop in the southeast corner of Pulaski County, Kentucky, just north of the Cumberland River. The campground provides four family camping areas and two double campsites. The campsites have tent pads, fire rings, lantern posts and picnic tables. The well with a hand pump is for livestock watering only. Use picket lines and corrals to scure horses. Do not tie horses to trees. View Little Lick Campground Guide and Map (pdf) Trails near by: Little Lick Trail #502 Nathan McClure Trail #530 Restrictions: Campers are limited to 14 days at the campground.


Amenities (Offered on site)

Potable Water
Tents Allowed
Picnic Table

Site Exclusive Activities (Offered on site)

Horseback Riding


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This is not an actual reservation other campers are open to stay at this location.