Wiley Flat Campground

Post, OR
Teddy R.
Teddy R.

This rustic campground in the Maury Mountains surrounds Wiley Creek, which is a shallow, narrow body of water ending at the small meadow within the perimeter of the camp. It is not uncommon to see horseback riders stopping for a noon break from a local outfitter guide service. This campground has a variety of campsites, some with HUGE parking spurs. Since the campground straddles the creek it can be used for stock water, however the Forest Service does not monitor the water nor make any claim that the water is safe for human consumption. The creek is surrounded by a small riparian environment that extends out into an open forest of large pine and fir trees, giving a serene background trickle to the quiet forest environment. Restrictions: There is a 14 day stay limit on all National Grassland and US Forest Service land including but not limited to campgrounds and other developed facilities.

River / Stream

Amenities (Offered on site)

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This is not an actual reservation other campers are open to stay at this location.