North Fork Catherine Creek

La Grande, OR
Teddy R.
Teddy R.

The North Fork Catherine Creek Campground is a unique facility since the campsites are spread out for over 1 mile beginning at the Buck Creek road up to the North Fork Catherine Creek Trailhead. Each campsite is set back in the cool evergreen forest and is a popular area in the summer months for those wanting to escape the heat, enjoy the sounds of the stream, view wildlife, or take a short hike along the creek. Also located nearby is the North Fork Catherine Creek Group Campground. Restrictions: General rules of use and restrictions apply for this developed recreation site. Motorized vehicles, bicycles, carts, hang gliders and other mechanical equipment is prohibited in the Wilderness area.

River / Stream

Amenities (Offered on site)

Picnic Table
Tents Allowed


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This is not an actual reservation other campers are open to stay at this location.