Hereford Trailhead

Hereford, AZ
Teddy R.
Teddy R.

The Hereford Trailhead provides access to the San Pedro Trail to the San Pedro House along Highway 90 to the north, approximately 9.5 miles away, and to Waters Road to the south, approximately 3.5 miles. The Hereford trailhead includes improved parking, a picnic shelter and tables, and a toilet. The trail is available for non-motorized travel, including hiking, bicycling and equestrian riding. The trail to the north crosses under the Hereford Road Bridge, and follows a historic road along the scenic San Pedro River valley, and passes several historic farm fields that are now turning into sacaton grassland and mesquite bosque. The trail passes by the Miller Backcountry Camp approximately 6 miles north of Hereford. The camp has is primitive, with tent pads, fireplaces, and a toilet. The trail south also follows the river valley, and crosses historic farm fields also revegetating to native plant communities. The trail passes by an artesian about a mile south of the trailhead, where an aquatic habitat refugia is maintained.


Amenities (Offered on site)

Picnic Table
Primitive camping
Toilet Available
Campfires Allowed

Site Exclusive Activities (Offered on site)

Horseback Riding
Historical campsite


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This is not an actual reservation other campers are open to stay at this location.