Trout Lakes

Cebolla, NM
Teddy R.
Teddy R.

Trout Lakes contains 5 primitive campsites and access roads within the campground. Three lakes provide fishing opportunities amid a setting of quiet conifers and aspen. Summer's quiet beauty turns to gold as autumn touches the aspen and rewards campers lingering in the area. Safety Information Access road to Trout Lakes is extremely hazardous when wet. This road is graveled from U.S. Highway 84 for three miles. The remainder is not graveled and is extremely slick and hazardous when wet. Monsoon rains make this road impassable. High clearance vehicle and 4 wheel drive is recommended. Large RV's or camper trailers are allowed but not recommended because of the road. General Information: Be extremely cautious with fire and use only the fireplaces provided. Please do not cut down trees or shrubs; they provide natural scenery and shade-not firewood. Please do not carve on the trees. Carving leaves a wound where fungus can enter and kill the tree. Please do not deposit fish remains in the lakes and clean fish away from the water. Please wrap fish remains and other highly spoilage meats, food, etc., in small plastic bags, then in bread wrappers,s and/or newspapers. Pack out all trash on your way out of the campground and fishing area. Please pick up litter around your campsite and pack it out with you. Also please read and comply with the posted regulations. Thank you for your help; enjoy your visit!


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This is not an actual reservation other campers are open to stay at this location.