Big John's CUA Dispersed

Beaver, UT
Teddy R.
Teddy R.

Dispersed Camping Area. Located just south of the Tushar Mountain Peaks, Big John Flat area is a favorite recreational spot because of its large meadows that have spectacular scenery. This area also offers opportunities for winter sport enthusiasts such as snowmobiling and cross-country skiing. Common vegetation includes Engelmann spruce, aspen and fir stands with large meadows. The general terrain is a large meadow encompassed by trees. This area is open to ATV use on designated roads and trails. Please help prevent erosion and soil compaction by staying on roads and main driving trails. Driving on the meadows creates ruts or channels that water flows through, removing topsoil and creating scars tht last many lifetimes. Delicate meadow plants can be damaged, leaving less forage for wildlife and leaving the soil unprotected. when riders drive through the trees and around them in circles the soil becomes compacted, depriving root systems of water and air, this will eventually kill the tree. Restrictions: All motorized travel is restricted to designated travel routes. Cross country travel prohibited.


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Site Exclusive Activities (Offered on site)

OHV Trails
Snow Sports
Wildlife Watching


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This is not an actual reservation other campers are open to stay at this location.